For the first time this year, Girls on the Run is instituting a two-tier 5k start. We will be breaking our teams up based upon their site’s name.

Pink Wave: Sites beginning with A-K
Green Wave: Sites beginning with L-Z

Who starts first? During the fall season the Pink wave will begin first. During the spring season the Green wave will begin first.

What is a tiered start? We are splitting the start field into two groups. Each group will contain roughly half of the 5k participants. The first wave will start and then five minutes later the second wave will begin. This process has been implemented to ensure a safe event for all participants. Girls on the Run plans to do their best to ensure that both waves receive the same countdown and start line festivities. This process will also reduce the amount of time families wait until 5k participants begin finishing the 5k event.

Click here to download the wave breakdown